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Septic System
  1. Pretreatment tank where influent enters.
  2. Aeration chamber where oxygen is pumped into the waste water.
  3. Clarifier chamber where the clear, odorless effluent rises.
  4. Chlorinator for disinfection.
  5. Holding tank.
  6. Extemely quiet pump.
  7. Unique solid state HOOT Control Center monitors and controls the system.

The Patented HOOT treatment process

HOOT System features

The HOOT treatment system is designed with four components: a pretreatment tank, an aeration chamber, a final clarifier and a chlorinator.
The pretreatment tank, the first component of the system, begins the anerobic decomposition of the influent. It also holds any nonbiodegradables inadvertently added to the system.
The aeration chamber, the heart of this activated sludge sewage treatment system, introduces oxygen by pump into the sewage. This aeration intimately mixes the organic materials of the sewage with the bacterial population, allowing the bacteria to attack and reduce the organic materials.
Any activated sludge settling in the final clarifier chamber is reintroduced into the aeration chamber by sewage movement in the aeration chamber.
As solids settle in the clarifier, a clear, odorless effluent rises. This clear effluent passes through the chlorinator for final disinfection. The holding tank then stores the chlorinated effluent for discharge through the chosen method of disposal.
  • One piece, single unit contruction
  • Computer controlled and monitered - verifies every component is operating properly without opening the system
  • Easy access to every component of the system
  • Quiet, energy-efficient linear air pump
  • Low cost installation and maintenance
  • Durable long life - made of heavy duty reinforced concrete
  • 3-year warranty on system, not prorated



Quiet, Efficient pump. It uses less then 1/2 the electricity required by louder carbon vane pumps.

Simple Installation, reliable performance, low cost of ownership
This level of performance is enhanced by its simple installation, energy efficient performance and low cost long term maintenance and ownership. The systems components are assembled at controlled manufacturing facilities, rather than in the field, to ensure reliable performance with local support.

Energy efficient, environmental protection
Made of locally available and manufactured concrete, the H-series features an energy efficient linear compressor that uses less power than an average light bulb. Its polyethylene clarifier hopper is made of recycled milk jugs. Choose Hoot, and you make a sensible, decision to protect the environment as you protect our most precious resource, our water.

Made for any disposal application
With a choice of pumped or gravity flow discharge, the H-Series allows you to choose your disposal application, from conventional lateral lines, leeching chambers, other alternative drainfield materials to drip irrigation, surface spray an in some cases direct discharge.

Make the green choice for wastewater treatment
Your wastewater system is the most expensive and important appliance you will ever purchase. Don’t settle for just any system. Protect your family and the environment with a Hoot H-Series System.


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