At Johnson Monument we provide quality granite monuments in a variety of colors and styles at reasonable prices. We give free quotes, consultation and provide a drawing for approval with
“no obligation” to buy.

  • Indoor and outdoor monument display
  • Vases available in granite or metal and in various styles and colors to match your monument
  • Laser Etchings
  • Porcelain Photo’s
  • Cemetery Lettering
  • Stone repairs & monument restoration
  • Bronze or Aluminum Plaques

Warranty: We hereby certify that your memorial is manufactured from the finest quality stone, and that this stone does not contain hidden flaws that would make it susceptible to cracking or disintegration due to climate or season.

Cemetery Coordination: Cemeteries have certain guidelines to follow when it comes to monument, memorial and headstone placement on the cemetery grounds. We will advise you on what questions to ask or provide the courtesy of speaking with the cemetery on your behalf and coordinating between cemetery and monument installation.


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